• Problem: I always need to open SQL Server using my admin account but I don’t want to keep on doing right click + run as different user, then type my admin username and super long admin password. My solution? I created a shortcut that launches SQL Server using a different user. Now all I have… Continue Reading

  • Note to self for whenever I have to setup a new PC. Urgh. I hope every time they send us new machines at work they’d load it with whatever our previous settings/apps/files were. Anyway… What settings to uhm, set…Turn regular account to admin:– Login using regular account– Connect to VPN– Switch user to adm– Log… Continue Reading

  • Did you know that the package file of your UiPath workflow contains the entire workflow file? So if you wanted to backup your script you just need to get the nupkg file and extract the contents. And in order to do that, you can use WinRAR. How? 1. Open WinRAR2. Go to Options >> Settings… Continue Reading

  • Because I always forget where to put my screensaver app so that it launches upon startup, here’s a note to self: On the run dialog, enter “shell:startup” OR Open %AppData% >> Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup Yup, that’s it. 🙂 Continue Reading

  • If you ever come across this issue where special characters like aprostrophe’s and ñ’s are being replaced by this weird symbol, �, it could be a char-set thing. I tried a couple of solutions but none of them worked, until I looked into my php.ini for anything related to setting the character encoding, and I found that default_charset is… Continue Reading

  • In case you want to export all the rows in a table as insert statements, here’s how to do it: 1. Open MS SQL Server Management studio and login to your desired database server 2. Right click database >> Tasks >> Generate Scripts 3. Choose Objects: Select specific database objects >> Select the table you… Continue Reading