• Here’s how you can create a horizontal navigation bar with drop-down feature using CSS. The limitation of this code is that it can only handle 1 level of sub menu. So if you intend you create more levels, you have to add to the code. See jsfiddle here CSS properties will vary depending on your… Continue Reading

  • Version: HP Vugen 11.52Protocol: Ajax Truclient IE I had a recent task where the project team wanted to know how long it takes for several concurrent users to play a certain video. The goal really is to see how much buffering is happening as the users are increased, and if the server can handle it.… Continue Reading

  • Welcome to Surf and Perf! I made this blog to document some of the issues I encountered doing Performance Testing. I really just wanted a more organized way to look back at my notes haha. I’m no Performance Testing guru so the solutions you’ll see here are more trial and error on my part. But… Continue Reading